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The Asian Development Assistance Board ("ADAB Foundation") is an apolitical, non-commercial and non-profit-making organization, operating as a co-ordination platform between various Chinese government authorities and a large number of international development-funding institutions and corporate or private industrial investors.

Being a co-ordination platform and development aid foundation, the ADAB operates under the Dacon systems, strictly regulated and controlled by the Operations Core Services Network of the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC (Dacon # 2888) and the Asian Development Bank in Manila (Dacon # 884), both to which it reports at regular intervals.

Its co-ordination activities, which explicitly exclude fund management, are mainly directed towards the implementation of foreign-funded development projects in the People’s Republic of China. Within this framework, the ADAB also renders assistance to projects funded or guaranteed by other development-finance providers (to the Chinese government) such as the individual member countries of the OECD, the International Development Association, the Directorate General of the European Commission and to the members of the European Development Finance Institutions Group (EDFI).

To help to attract and strengthen direct private sector investments in the People’s Republic of China, e.g. assisted by the IFC (International Finance Corporation) and the MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) -both part of the World Bank Group-, the foundation’s Principals regularly offer ADAB’s specialized services and its vast experience to selected private investors, mainly foreign industrial corporations wishing to establish a joint venture or wholly-owned presence in China. In such cases, private investors find the foundation’s assistance extremely invaluable, sub rosa, and -because of this being heavily subsidized- most cost-effective.

ADAB’s assistance to the private sector covers a broad gamut of subjects, ranging from identifying possible potential Chinese JV-partners, due diligences, feasibility studies, up-to-date background information on Chinese economics and legal, fiscal and policy matters; on creeds & customs and on social and political networking. Last but surely not least, it offers constant counsel, aid and guidance during corporate meetings with -often complicated- negotiations, and extensive help with the preparation of data, formal documents and other presentations and submissions regularly required by the various Chinese authorities.